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Surveillance Products To Complete Your Self Defense Plan

Surveillance equipment used to be reserved for large businesses because of the cost, setup and expertise needed to operate and maintain. Less than five years ago when you heard the term surveillance or security camera you would probably think about shoplifting. That's because most surveillance systems were owned by large brick and mortar retailers and mall chains. The major use to prevent external and internal theft, as well as various forms of fraud. The investment made in surveillance equipment was and is returned numerous times over in the form decreased inventory loss. Surveillance System Today, due to enhanced technology, small businesses and consumers can easily afford the investment in a surveillance system. In fact, a growing trend in neighborhood and even personal home security involves the use of surveillance systems to monitor and record going-ons. Many neighborhood watch organizations are wisely investing in surveillance cameras to monitor the main entry ways into subdivisions. In addition to being a huge crime deterrent, these security cameras record everything that goes on 24/7. This can provide police with the visual evidence needed to prosecute or the lead needed to break a case. Homeowners are also making investments in surveillance systems to add security and piece of mind. The options are many but a top quality complete 4 camera system is less than $1500. A basic system runs about $500. If you are serious about your home and/or business security, then surveillance is a no-brainer. Consider the fact that a violent crime takes place every 23 seconds and property crime every 16 seconds. This coupled with the fact that over 1 in 4 of us will be the victim of crime at some point in our lifetime, should be enough to get you excited about the benefits of surveillance. Self defense products, personal protection and home security alarms are prevalent in most households throughout the US. To complete your self defense plan, surveillance is the next logical step. Consider what would happen today if someone invaded your home, what if a young child was abducted while playing in your front yard, or what if vandals decided to break into your vehicle. Most of us would have to be extremely lucky in order to have justice served. With a surveillance system chances are very good that the crime event would be recorded and captured. I challenge you to research the many benefits of security cameras for your personal residence as well as business needs. It would also to be beneficial to your neighborhood watch or homeowners association to present the idea of installing surveillance cameras at the main entry ways into and out of your subdivision. You will be surprised at the number of individuals who would be willing to pay a fee to pay for this type of security service.
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