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TASER® X26C-Product Review

Today’s blog post features a product review of the sophisticated Taser X26C. It is an electronic control device (ECD) based on the Taser X 26 used by law enforcement officers around the country only this is a civilian version. It can stop an assailant up to 15 feet away. It uses relatively high wattage and low-voltage to achieve a near 100% takedown rate.

Tasers shoot out two electrified darts that are effective anywhere on the body which makes it easy to use and more reliable under stress. Taser guns and other stun devices are not legal in some states. You must be able to pass a background check before your Taser gun can be activated.

Taser takes active steps to prevent misuse of their products. Each cartridge contains 20 to 30 pieces of film printed with the serial number of that Taser cartridge. When that Taser is deployed these tags are dispersed at the scene of the crime. Police can then track and trace the ownership of the gun.

Each Taser X 26C comes with the gun, six live cartridges, training materials, manual, Digital power Magazine, a practice target, carrying case and a free lifetime replacement guarantee.

When a Taser product is used in self-defense, the Taser may be left behind providing the purchaser a window of opportunity to get to safety and call law enforcement. When you provide the official police report documenting the incident and use of the device, Taser will provide a free product replacement.

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