• Hidden Safes Make Sense

    If you are like me you probably have thousands of dollars in valuables at your home on any given day. What if someone broke into your home tomorrow while you were at work or away on business. How would you fare? Do you leave expensive jewelry sitting in the bathroom or in a jewelry box in plain sight? Do you leave cash laying on your dresser or in the laundry room? Most households make for a very nice payday and criminals definitely know this. They know where to look and...

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  • Protecting Your Family from Home Invasion/Robbery

    Home Invasion One of the most frightening and dangerous crimes that can occur to a family is a home invasion robbery. Home invasions are when the robbers or attackers use forced entry to gain access to an occupied home, apartment, hotel room, or trailer to commit robbery or other crimes. Home invasions as well as car jacking are on the rise. This is an especially scary trend because both crimes violate a persons private space and the places that we believe to be our sanctuary. Why are the prevalence of...

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