• Law Enforcement Hero and Leader Lost

    Today we said good-bye to a true law enforcement hero and community leader. Harry Lee lost a long battle with Leukemia Monday and was put to rest today in Jefferson Parish. I have never met Sheriff Lee personally, nevertheless I felt like I knew him. From 1979 until Monday Harry Lee served as Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He has been an icon and a role model in the fight against crime. This man had no tolerance for criminals and in my opinion let one of the most progressive and...

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  • Sexual Assualt - A Real Problem

    Well it's August 17th and it's back to school time again. This is an extremely stressful time for both parent's and their children. For many parents across the country this is the year that their child begins high school or college. For those of us with daughters this can be a bittersweet time. On one hand we are so proud of our kids...they have accomplished so much and are becoming adults. The sky is the limit now! On the other hand, these are our babies and we want to protect...

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